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Ricely Rice-based Smoothie

The beverage that provides quick and healthy energy

The beverage that provides quick and healthy energy

Ricely Rice-based Smoothie

The beverage that provides quick and healthy energy

Ricely is a smoothie made of Hungarian rice made tasty with natural ingredients. This beverage can be the perfect supplement of a healthy diet in our busy lives.

We believe that conscious eating starts with high-quality food and finding the right balance.

Ricely provides an alternative for nutritional challenges to people who try to consciously pay attention to what they are consuming but do not refuse more traditional food like white rice or sugar used in the right proportions.

Ricely is the perfect choice for a quick breakfast or as a snack between two meals. rice-based smoothie provides you with immediate energy thanks to its fast-absorbing carbohydrate (9% rice and 16% fruit) so if you get hungry but don’t have time to eat, pick up a Ricely.

works and/or do sports a lot and it it important for them to perform well mentally and physically

needs carbohydrate as their primary energy source ­ among other things, carbohydrate is needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid

doesn’t like to eat too much at a time but rather consume the daily amount in smaller portions maybe even on the go

is looking for a healthy alternative to supplement breakfast or dinner: Ricely can be a great snack between meals if complemented with a salad and some oilseeds

doesn’t like to eat breakfast although they are very well aware of the fact that eating breakfast is very important: Ricely is a great solution for them

a kávé-fahéj felmelegítve akár kávénkat is helyettesítheti, több is annál, hiszen már a reggeli szénhidrát is benne van


water, white rice (9%), fruit puree (16%), fructose-glucose syrup, salt


water, white rice (9%), fruit puree (16%), fructose-glucose syrup, salt, ascorbic acid


water, rice (9%), fruit puree (16%), salt


water, rice (9%), fruit puree (quince and mandarin in different proportions 16%), cinnamon, salt

It's filling

The creamy, thick texture of Ricely provides much more than a simple beverage. Its full taste and great acids make you feel full of life.

Good for children

It can be consumed by children, too.


Ricely is a rice-based smoothie the advantage of which is that it is made of Hungarian rice. This means low arsenic content which cannot be overlooked in the case of a rice product.


It can be drank by those struggling with milk intolerance.


Doesn’t contain added coloring or preservatives.


After a tiring, long training session, Ricely provides enough energy for immediate replenishment.



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